Everything you need to know about how catalogues convert prospects into customers and build your business.

This year Jeff Bezos of Amazon has taken an unusual step for the online retail giant – printing an annual toy catalogue. The printed catalogue is to be mailed to millions of Amazon customers and available to collect at various retail outlets around the country. And more and more online retailers are doing the same. The reason is that print advertising in the form of catalogues and direct mail marketing as part of an integrated marketing mix makes a lot of business sense.
The reasons are simple.

1. Catalogues cut through the digital noise.

People are inundated with messages through technology. Our attention is constantly being demanded by multiple promotions, products and businesses on our phones, tablets, computers and televisions. It’s too easy to delete or tune out yet another attempt to sell to us online. Where a 5% open rate on a marketing email is considered good, a 76% read rate for catalogues is the reality.
2. Catalogues generate longer and more effective engagement.
Catalogues actually get read, and not just once but again and again. Catalogues are placed in living rooms and waiting rooms for leisure time reading. People browsing through catalogues are not multi-tasking. Their attention is focused entirely on the catalogue.

3. One catalogue will reach many people.

People share catalogues, they browse through catalogues in people’s homes, in cafes and in waiting rooms. Statistics show that catalogue customers share their catalogues with their friends, leading to more customers for your business.
Source: Print in the Mix Survey

4. A catalogue is one of the best ways to build your brand.

Multichannel Merchant’s survey showed that over 84% of retailers are using catalogues as marketing tools this year and they cited Branding as their No.1 goal. You have the opportunity to present your values, your image, your purpose, your products and services in a complete and memorable way to the consumer.

5. A catalogue establishes expertise and trust and builds loyalty.

The very fact of a company producing a printed catalogue indicates the solidity of that company. Anyone can, and does, build a website and state that they are an expert, or an authority in an industry. A catalogue can show them that you are. It provides an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, experience, products and services. The connection you establish with the reader helps to build brand loyalty.

6. A printed catalogue offers a physical experience.

A printed catalogue engages the senses in a way an online experience never can. The glossy feel and smell of the paper, the experience of turning the pages, the visual richness combine to give the reader a complete experience. The reader can fold corners, circle items and make notes, put it down and return to it later. You can take this to a higher level of engagement with scented perfume, multiple paper textures and embedded sound devices.
Jeff Bezos knows that kids still love to sit down and flip through a book full of nothing but toys.
A business with a catalogue is better positioned to survive in the current economy. When 15-20% of sales are generated through the internet and 80% generated because someone received a catalogue in the mail (Lett Direct Inc.) it’s easy to see why.
Source: US Postal Service
Printed catalogues have an interruptive effect when they arrive in the mail. The readers’ attention will be grabbed and held, a connection will be made and they will be motivated to take action. It’s no surprise that even online companies, like Amazon, are turning to the printed catalogue to drive their sales.

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