Printing with vegetable soy based inks means more vibrant colours, faster printing and helping the environment.

At Network Printing, we have chosen to use one of the very highest quality inks manufactured worldwide, Sakata’s Soy Inks.  Although it is considerably more expensive than any other ink we have tried, it is simply that much better – more vibrant colours, faster process and environmentally healthier.

It is made from 100% Soy bean oil, the same ingredient that is ingested daily by thousands of people in cooking oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise and other food stuffs. You don’t get an ink that is more environmentally friendly than soy based inks.

The oil is extracted from the soy bean and combined with pigment, natural resins and natural wax.
Petroleum based inks, traditionally used in the printing industry, are environmentally hazardous.

Here are some of the many benefits of using Sakata soy based ink:

Less ink is needed

Sakata ink has a far higher concentration of pigments than most other inks. The benefits of this are that considerably less ink is used than when printing with lower quality inks. Less ink used means that the drying time is faster than other conventional lesser concentrated inks. Faster drying means that jobs are ready to finish sooner.

More vibrant colours

The colours with soy ink are far more vibrant. This is because the soy oil is naturally clearer than petroleum oil that can dilute the colour. So with soy ink you get a brighter and sharper image.

Environmentally friendly ink

Sakata soy based inks are non-hazardous, they come from renewable sources and they are not detrimental to the printing process, the environment or most importantly, to the tradespeople using it.


The soy oil used is a by-product of soybean farming, so no new crops need to be harvested to create the inks. The soy farms need very little irrigation and require low energy to cultivate.

Low VOC levels

Soy based inks do not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) into the air as they dry. VOC’s are chemical compounds that evaporate and react with sunlight forming smog at lower atmospheric levels.

Easily recyclable

There is also a recycling advantage as soy inks are easier to remove in the de-inking process of paper recycling, resulting in less paper damage and brighter recycled papers. The residual waste in this process is not considered hazardous and is easier to dispose of. Also soy inks are four times more biodegradable than petroleum based inks.

The benefits of using vegetable soy-based inks rather than the traditional petroleum based inks are a combined reduction in the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds and the reduced need for high VOC solvents for clean ups. We only use water and detergent based press washes. Even then we take care to not use more solvents than is necessary and solvent is re-used to reduce environmental pollution.

In short, we use one of the highest quality and environmentally sensitive inks that money can buy so that we can give you the best possible job whilst looking after our environment. With us you can be assured of having a low impact on the environment.

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