Brochures can be one of the most valuable tools a business or organisation can use to promote, inform and sell their products and services. From a simple flyer through to a high quality multi-page brochure, you can build your brand and reach more customers in a memorable and effective way. Print marketing is typically underutilised by many businesses today. This makes brochures the perfect way to stand above your competition and avoid the chaos of online promotions. In this digital world sometimes a physical item can considerably differentiate your business and leave a lasting positive impression on potential customers. Brochures can be used to build your brand, sell your products and services and drive traffic to your website. Your brochure will create an impression of professionalism, reliability and a commitment to quality. Brochures are a great marketing tool for any business.
Use brochures effectively and your business can experience the following benefits:

Give your business a sense of legitimacy and authority

A printed brochure will add validity to your business. A well-designed high quality brochure will give people the impression that your business is professional, reliable and provides a high quality service or product. Printed material sends a message of an established and credible business. With your brochure you can provide evidence of past successes, your professional and business credentials, as well as set out your ideals and goals to help potential clients to build a sense of trust in your business. People have an expectation that serious businesses will provide printed information to them. People have a tendency to trust something they can physically see and feel over an online entry.

Capture the attention of potential customers

By using your brochures in a strategic way you can reach specifically targeted customers. Brochures guarantee you the opportunity to introduce your business and educate potential customers about the benefits of your products and services, especially when compared to the hit and miss of online marketing.

Generate leads and close sales

A carefully designed brochure gives you the ability to take potential customers through your sales process and ultimately to close the sale. In your brochure you can explain the benefits of your product or service in detail, anticipate and resolve objections and lead them to make a purchase. Including coupons and discounts are some ways that you can generate immediate business from your brochure.

Interact with customers to keep your business in mind

Brochures are an effective way to interact with existing customers. Sending brochures with new products and services, special offers and prices to your existing client list helps to keep your company in mind. By regularly interacting with clients and potential customers you are building trust, familiarity and loyalty. Receiving a brochure can prompt new orders from existing clients and turn prospects into new customers.

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And even more ways that using brochures can benefit your business:

The right people get the exact information that they need.

A brochure is an excellent resource for providing specific details about your business – you are able to provide the exact information that is needed to the right people. If you provide a number of products or services you can have a series of brochures that focus on each one individually. This means you can provide a potential client with all the information that they need on a particular product. You can focus on selling to them only what they are interested in without wasting their time or your budget. Compared to a website where customers have to search around for the information they need (and may not find it!), a brochure is a means of providing easy access to the relevant material.

Brochures are tangible and enduring

Customers and potential clients can keep your brochure and then can easily access it when they need it. They can refer to it later and hand it on to others. Having something to touch, keep and pass on to others facilitates a connection with the information they are given. Often people are happy to keep a high quality brochure in their reception area or at their home. Because brochures are small and portable they are easy to pass on to others and one single brochure can reach many prospective customers.

Brochures are affordable marketing

Brochures are a comparatively inexpensive form of marketing. Online advertising is extremely competitive and expensive, you’ll be competing directly with all the providers in your industry. Your brochure, on the other hand, stands alone. Your prospective client can peruse it at their leisure without your competitors vying for their attention. Buying many brochures in bulk may reduce costs. A high quality brochure can be used for months or even years. Comparatively, digital marketing methods need to be constantly adapting which takes time, effort and money.
Brochures can be one of the most effective and versatile marketing and educational tools a business or organization can use to inform customers of their services, products and offers. Brochures are easy and economical to produce and simple to distribute. Brochures are a vital part of any marketing strategy.
It is important that you find a printer who can deliver a high quality brochure, as a cheaply printed brochure eliminates many of the benefits a brochure can give your business. The textures, finishes and paper quality can enhance your brand, with metallic foils, die cuts, embossing, and spot varnishing all adding to the quality of your print materials.

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